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At Dubs, Inc. we do a lot more than just dubs. Under our umbrella, you'll find a whole world of possibilities including editorial services, electronic video distribution, creative services, edit suite rentals, DVD and Blu-ray authoring and duplication, captioning and subtitling, and of course duplication to or from just about any video format and standard.

Christopher J Olson - Featured Artist

Our colorful work environment also showcases work from featured local artists. On a rotating basis, we promote a new artist and their work. Learn more about our current featured artist…

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Charles Core

Charles Core is a co-owner and original founder of Dubs, Inc. Charles brings over 20 years of media production and post production experience to Dubs ranging from producing in film labs in LA to post services at Pinnacle Studios. If you catch a glimpse of him, you'll recognize him: he’s the tall, dark and handsome one. Okay, maybe not so dark. We do live in Seattle after all.

Troy Murison


The 'new' co-owner and overall fix-it guy, Troy brings 25+ years of production, editorial, visual effects, storytelling and overall video knowledge to the game. He's been with Dubs since 2006, a co-owner since 2009 and is ready to help with rich media communication projects or MAM problems. And if you've ever thought about throwing in the towel and moving to a farm, Troy can help you figure out what to expect there too.

Robert O'Malley

Robert is the heart and soul of Dubs, Inc. He's likely the person you'll speak with first. And most times he will be the last as he handles everything that comes his way with unmatched speed and accuracy. If it's encoding, electronic file distribution, LTO archive, tape vault question, screen capture request or even a 3/4" downconvert dub from HDCAM-SR (okay we've never actually had that request yet), Robert's your man. Actually, he's ours. And you can't have him. We'll happily loan him to you on an hourly basis though.

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