Proxy 2.0

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Proxy 2.0 is a reimagination of what video services can be in the modern and demanding world of media production.  Proxy 2.0 is a complete video and media asset management system that allows you to manage your rich media. 

Accessible from desktops, tablet and mobile devices you're never out of touch with your assets. With strong video features like a searchable transcription service and built-in review and feedback system, Proxy 2.0 provides a wealth of information that can be used as a library, a vault, a conduit, a communication channel, or even as a branding tool.  And that’s just the beginning. Contact us to learn more about how Proxy 2.0 can help make your life easier and more efficient.

What is MAM?

Media Asset Management (MAM)  is an approach for organizing rich media assets such as images, video, audio, documents and other digital assets for storage, retrieval and distribution. MAM offers centralization, workflow optimization, as well as media management.

Aspects of MAM include:

•  Digital Asset Storage
•  Administration & Security
•  Organization
•  Distribution

Benefits of MAM

MAM enables organizations to address their most pressing rich media challenges such as managing their video, image, document and marketing collateral, all vital aspects to the success of any business.

MAM Benefits include:

•  Global Web-Based Access
•  Digital Media Management
•  Brand and messaging continuity
•  Cost savings

Proxy 2.0

Dubs, Inc. Proxy 2.0, the sensible solution to your asset management problems, offers a affordable video and asset management system.

Some great Proxy 2.0 features include:

•  Lower costs vs. on-site DAM/MAM systems
•  Customizable with your brand
•  Rapid deployment
•  Web-based management of assets
•  No need for IT support & costs
•  Fully functional on mobile devices
•  Automatic upgrades are included
•  Scalable
•  Secure, redundant data centers
•  Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud